Tangier, owing to its privileged location, has welcomed and embraced diverse cultural influences over the centuries, inspiring artists and writers alike. Carthaginians, Romans, Phoenicians, Berbers, Vandals, Spaniards, Portuguese, French, and English have all left their mark on this strategically positioned city between the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean, bridging Europe and Africa.




Tangier, a coastal city in Morocco, seamlessly blends history and modernity. Explore the medina with its picturesque alleys, admire the view from the Kasbah, and relax on sunny beaches. Immerse yourself in culture at the Kasbah Museum and explore Perdicaris Park for a peaceful break. Moroccan cuisine awaits with its local delights. Discover art at the Forbes Museum and enjoy stunning views from Cape Spartel. The natural beauty of Hercules Caves will captivate you. Tangier is also a gateway to Spain, offering an opportunity for cross-border excursions. Enjoy this multifaceted city.

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  • Tour Type Explore
  • Price 200$ - 500$
  • Categories Destination
  • Language English - Arabic - french - spanish- allemand