Fes, a significant capital of Muslim civilization, preserves the world's oldest Medina—a timeless journey frozen since the 12th century, recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage site. Founded in 789, the city served as Morocco's political, intellectual, and spiritual capital for centuries, boasting a rich architectural and cultural history.




Fes, the jewel of Morocco's imperial cities, transports you to a world rich in history and culture. Explore the labyrinthine medina with bustling alleys and souks, visit the University of Al Quaraouiyine, one of the world's oldest. Marvel at the splendid architecture of the Bou Inania Madrasa and experience local life at R'cif Square. Immerse yourself in Moroccan art and craftsmanship at the Batha Museum, explore the Jewish Quarter, and savor Moroccan cuisine. The Jnan Sbil Gardens offer a tranquil pause, while excursions to Moulay Idriss and Volubilis enrich your stay. Fes is a cultural treasure waiting to be discovered.

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  • Tour Type Impression
  • Price 300$ - 500$
  • Categories Destination
  • Language English - Arabic - french - spanish- allemand